Zen Duder™.  Award winning landscape, nature and artistic photography, as well as state of the art raw photo post processing, based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Zen Duder Studio at the Boffin Hollow Resort.


At the top of our page, if you click on "Portfolio", you will enter the organized Zen Duder Galleries where you can view or purchase over 1000 photos, including the ability to purchase a license for the whole gallery. For our digital downloads we sell individual licenses, commercial web licenses, and commercial web/print licenses. Please note that our paid Digital Downloads are NOT WATERMARKED with the Zen Duder logo and are of the highest grade commercial quality. We shoot with top of the line Nikon gear and lenses.


You are welcome to enjoy our free slideshows for all of our galleries here including our home page favorites, which can be viewed full screen on any display. This is a free service we provide to everyone through our website, and license free public viewing is allowed. Many individuals as well as businesses such as real estate offices and restaurants for example are running our Americana Landscapes and Lake James slideshows continuously on large full screen displays. We are adding to the collections all the time. All you have to do to view a slideshow is click on a gallery photo you like, then when the photo appears you click on "slideshow", and then when the slideshow is running, to make it full screen, just click on the 4 way arrow at the upper right.


Please note that almost all of our photos are 8256 wide and very detailed. As viewed here you may not see an accurately detailed representation of the full size HD digital download which in most cases is ~ 30mb or more per photo.


 If you are a graphic artist, or commercial entity interested in working with our raw stock please contact us directly we will work with you for a custom license arrangement.


Many of our HD full resolution photos are also available at Adobe Stock as well as other photo resources according to their own licensing terms. Our licensing terms are flexible and can be customized to meet your specific needs or requirements including exclusive licenses which are not available for Zen Duder photos anywhere else. We can be reached at [email protected]  [email protected] or by telephone 561-542-0121. Thanks for your interest in our work, and we hope to hear from you even if it's just to tell us which is your favorite. Peace. ZD